The Dementia 3.0 ios官方版

The Dementia 3.0 ios官方版

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The Dementia-Friendly Home app is designed by Dementia Australia to help individuals, carers, family members adapt or design a home for a person living with dementia.

You are placed in a virtual home where you can discover how to make a home more suitable for people living with dementia. You can explore each room at your own pace and interact with objects which allows you to immediately discover the impact a simple modification may have to improving quality of home life.

As you interact with the app, you can adjust or change elements within the home. You are able to review different options that reflect positive, negative or neutral outcomes.For each object, you can review the related principles which facilitate your learning and understanding. You can also save your progress, for ongoing use.

The application is based on dementia-enabling environment principles (DEEP).It was originally funded by Commonwealth-State Funded Home and Community Care Program. The most recent update is funded by Gaudry Gift at the APS Foundation.

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