Stop Eating Sweets ios官方版

Stop Eating Sweets ios官方版

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Eating sweets has many health disadvantages. The sugar contained in sweets has a negative effect on your body and your well-being. To prevent this, we have developed this app for you.

What happens in the body when you eat sugar? Is fructose better than classic sugar? And what is sugar exactly?

Sugar is unhealthy.

Our body gets its energy from the three main nutrients fat, protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are made up of sugar molecules. It is important to distinguish between simple carbohydrates - for example from sweets and classic table sugar - and complex carbohydrates, which you can find in whole grains and vegetables, for example.

When people talk about “unhealthy sugar”, they usually mean classic table sugar and simple carbohydrates from confectionery and white flour. Complex carbohydrates are metabolized completely differently and are useful and healthy sources of energy. However, you should keep your hands off classic sugar. Why? For these 4 reasons.

Sugar makes you fat
All carbohydrates are first broken down by the body into their individual building blocks. What's left is glucose. Glucose is metabolized with the help of the hormone insulin. The insulin ensures that the sugar gets to the cells where it is needed in the form of energy.
The more sugar you eat, the more insulin is released. So too much sugar messes up and skyrockets your insulin levels. This is unfavorable in two ways: On the one hand, the hormone reduces fat burning. On the other hand, after such insulin spikes, the amount of sugar in the blood quickly drops to an absolute minimum again. The result: renewed cravings for sugar. This creates a vicious circle that causes you to constantly ingest sugar and increase your daily caloric intake.

Sugar is addicting
Sugar ensures that more dopamine is released in the brain's reward center. The happiness hormone evokes a good mood and feelings of happiness. Unfortunately only for a short time. As soon as the effects wear off, the brain craves for more. This creates a vicious circle that leads you to eat more and more sugar.

Sugar makes you sick
This is nothing new. Obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay are the most well-known dangers associated with too much sugar. Studies also indicate that too much concentrated fructose in particular favors the formation of invisible but unhealthy fat that is deposited between and around the organs. Isolated fructose, which is used to sweeten fruit drinks and sweets, also inhibits the hormone leptin, which is responsible for feeling full.

Sugar makes you look old
If you eat too much sugar at once, your body cannot completely convert it into energy. The excess sugar molecules then combine with proteins that are responsible for the elasticity of your skin. The result: Unsightly wrinkles.
These compounds of sugar and protein also bind to the receptors of immune cells and thus promote inflammation and poor blood circulation in the skin. In short: the more sugar, the more unsightly the complexion.

With the help of this app you can stop eating sweets overnight and follow your positive health progress.
This app also gives you the opportunity to save money.
Thanks to the push notification, you will always be rewarded to stop eating sweets.

Have fun living healthy.