Slimming Diary 5.1 ios官方版

Slimming Diary 5.1 ios官方版

健康健美 | 7.5 MB | 2023-02-04 08:42:00

The Slimming Diary was created for people who approached me that wanted an app which would do everything they wanted when on a diet. The app allows you to monitor the following:

- Activity Monitor - Monitor your daily exercise.
- Body Mass Index - Monitor your BMI.
- Dimension Tracker - Monitors your body dimensions.
- Food Diary - Add everything you eat and it will show you your daily calorie intake.
- Health - Add your BP, temperature and SPO2 values (Vitals).
- Meals - Store your meals for repetitive selecting.
- Recipes - Store your recipes for future use.
- Shopping List - Automatically adds items to your shopping list when you state you have eaten a meal.
- Summary To Date - Shows weight loss from your entire body.
- Water - Monitor your water intake.
- Weight Tracker - Monitor your weight at regular intervals.
- Your Diary - Simple diary for you to store feelings, events etc for future retrieval.

When you install the app, you must first complete the Settings page together with the Dimension Tracker and then start adding your Meals and Ingredients. It seems like the app takes a lot of configuration, but it's the only way to get an accurate, or as accurate as any app can, to work out your calorie intake and calorie burning during exercise.

The app was also created for those people who have an iPad 2. The app works on IOS 9.3 and above. It was initially designed for the iPhone 6 mobiles and above, but I since decided to have the app available on the iPad 2 also.

Future additions:
- Store images of the meals you make for the Recipe and Meals pages.
- Store images of yourself to show the weight loss.
- iCoud integration, so when you update the app on your phone, the same information is available on your iPad.
- Weight Loss Journey - This will be detailed analysis of the calorie intake and calories burned together with other records stored on the app.

Can I assure everyone that absolutely NO information is gathered from this app and passed to anyone on the internet. The only time it contacts the internet is to show help files. This app and the information stored on it is for your eyes only.

Good luck on your weight loss. I hope this application, as it is, and future additions will help you.

Please, please, please consult with a doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist etc before you start your slimming regime. You may be doing more harm than good.