Stress Relief Training+ 2.9.0 ios官方版

Stress Relief Training+ 2.9.0 ios官方版

健康健美 | 29.7 MB | 2023-02-07 08:42:00

Imagine this.
If you see a picture of a "cake" and a "cockroach" in front of you, which one do you think your eye will go to?
Probably most people would go for the "cockroach".
Your eyes are drawn to the "cockroach" because of your negative thinking.

We humans have lived on hunting for a long time.
When we saw a nut which is eatable and a lion which is potentially a life-threatening animal at the same time, we would pay attention to the lion because if we noticed the nut only, the lion would attack and kill us.

Our brain tends to give the highest priority to "living as long as possible".
In other words, human beings have survived by naturally turning their eyes to negative things.

It may be very important to think negatively in your daily life.
The creation of feelings of worry and anxiety is essential to life.
It is because of these emotions that one can prepare, work hard, and accomplish something.

However, in modern times, becoming too negative has created a new problem.
In today's modern civilization, we no longer have to face the threat to our lives in our daily lives as we did in the hunting era.
In the days of plenty, negative thinking is no longer needed as it was in the hunting era.

Today, becoming too much negative has posed a problem, causing people to carry more stress than necessary and developing anxiety and depression.

In other words, the evolution of the human brain has not caught up with the evolution of civilization.

Repeatedly playing this game will help you to successfully divert your attention from negative emotions.